Saturday, November 10, 2012

I Love When Things Go My Way

So, I was laying in bed last night, trying to get to sleep. You know how it is, you've had a long day, you're totally exhausted and looking forward to sleeping... but you can't shut your mind off.

Whether it's going over what you did that day, or what you need to do the next day, sometimes it's hard to just shut everything down when you really want to sleep.

Thankfully for me, while tossing and turning, I had an "AHA!" moment. I finally figured out the best way to sew my new cases together! Instead of sewing both halves, and then putting one half inside the other (like I do with my clutches), I thought, "Why don't I sew the front halves together along the middle, then the lining, and leave a gap to turn them through? Then I can sew the front and back together, all across the top, thus eliminating the little whoopie-thing in the center!!!" (No one is going to have any idea what any of this means, but that's literally how my brain works. I can visualize it, yet I can't make it coherent enough for anyone to understand!).

Wait, here's a better idea... I'll show you what I mean (and pardon the photos, these were just taken with my little point-and-shoot camera):

Do you see how the fabric dips down in the middle in the first photo? Yeah I figured out to sew it so that wouldn't happen!!! HAPPY ME!! :D

So of course, I just had to run out today to get some more fabric to make another case (I have one order that I plan on doing tomorrow, but I didn't want to test my theory out on a customer's item in case I botched it!). My husband, God bless him, was such a sport and took me all over the city to pick up everything I needed: Walmart for rotary blades (and groceries!), Creative Sisters in Kitchener for Pellon Fusible Fleece, and Fabricland (which is literally on the other side of the city, since we live in North Waterloo and it's located out by Fairview in Kitchener!) for my heavy duty fusible interfacing, elastic, and a fancy schmancy button!

I just randomly happened to find the PERFECT fabric at the quilt shop, it jumped out at me and caught my eye (I had already bought some at Walmart but wasn't 100% loving it), and I'm totally excited to show you my newest case! It's almost entirely perfect (I'm always my own worst critic), and for once, I'm pretty darn happy with it. This is my 5th case, and I've now perfected my method! Awesome. :)

Without further adieu, here's my newest Kobo Glo case! :)




  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Some MAJOR cuteness happening at your place! Love, love this...the fabric, the design, the button!! <3

  2. This is so cool...I love it when those light bulb moments happen!! You are on a your designs!!